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Welcome to Magic-E

A digital marketing, graphic, Web design and multimedia design service provider. Hello there I couldn’t help notice you, I want to work with you not only to make your brand stand out but also be there when you go to market. I know where and how to market your unique passion online, I believe that I can help you with all your requirements. I have been beautifying and marketing Corporate, SME and Private businesses online for some time and think it is time myself and you have that conversation.

At Magic-E I strive to serve you, my valued customer! I don’t just want to sell you design and technology I want to walk with you and tailor-make your solution to serve your distinct business needs and budget. I do web-design, graphic design, development, SEO and all aspects of digital marketing. Client satisfaction and friendly service is my most valuable asset and I strive to not only improve your business’s ROI but to ensure that your solutions are user-friendly and of the highest quality. Take a journey with me and experience your Website or Brand a new.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Website Design

Graphic Design

Brand Stories and Copywriting

Magic-E is a team of marketing design and business professionals magically intertwined through corporate business and comradery. Our accumulated knowledge sets us apart from the average. We have a proven track record and each pillar of service is backed by years of industry experience and implementation success. We are friends, co-workers and now colleagues in the magic!