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Welcome to the Magic-Blog. I hope that I can share some ideas, discuss some design methodology, marketing tips, tricks and hacks and many other interesting things I come across on weekly basis. Please feel free to contact me with any requests or comments or anything! Thank you.

Focus your thoughts for a brighter future!

Has it ever happened to you? Where you have something in mind and all the sudden the more you look around you the more you see and experience it? That is: focus for you! Your mind will filter out what it deems is important to you i.e. what your thinking of...

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Setting yourself up to win?

I have been training effectively for almost 18 years and man have I learned some interesting business skills from just training my body each day. One very important notion I am intrigued by is the idea of always setting yourself up to win. I have without knowing also...

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Think outside the growth box!

We are always busy working on new ideas of how to ultimately attempt to get into our customer's heads, how we will get to own the headspace when it comes to our products and services. But what if there was another way? Well, guess what there actually is. I haven’t...

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Looking for some search engine love?

Your goal is to be king of the search engines first page, your writing content like a typist in a 1940’s news service. You’re spreading the word socially and have built up quite a following. Your brand message resonates with your followers and brand persona’s (Great...

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Factors of a great logo design

As we look at the designing of a great logo there is more than just one thing that we always keep in mind. Think of your logo as is the smile of your business yes, it is its eyes its hair its body shape and its personality. Yes, that is the brand you carry...

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The three keys to becoming great at anything

You know that feeling that if you can become great at this or that then you'll be better off than you are now. Ever had that feeling? Your life needs to change you are done with where you are and you are ready to take the plunge into your own inner greatness. Every...

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Six ideas that will help you close more sales

Being in business for yourself is never as easy as it looks, I know you’re a professional and you are doing pretty good, but what can you do to make sure you do even better. As you know being an owner or co-owner of any business means that you have to be a lot of...

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What is Good design?

The age old question that has had families break up, businesses tear in half and designer’s fist fight with customers in the parking lot. No stop; maybe it’s not that serious. Are you kidding me? It is probably the one thing all of us are always trying to achieve:...

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