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Welcome to the Magic-Blog. I hope that I can share some ideas, discuss some design methodology, marketing tips, tricks and hacks and many other interesting things I come across on weekly basis. Please feel free to contact me with any requests or comments or anything! Thank you.

Getting your Monday off to a great start!

I believe there is no better day than today to give you all a short article on how to #kick_start today, and all your coming #Magical_Mondays, try these 5 tips. 1) Don’t hit that Snooze button (It’s a bit late now!) Your mind takes the action of hitting the snooze...

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Ramblings of the Brand Personality.

I get lots of queries about my thoughts on the whole digital marketing divide, what is the next big thing, questions like where do brands fit in, how do we as a business make this or do that. I must admit I am a bit of a scholarly addict when it comes to brand design,...

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What does color have to do with it? Color and emotion.

Normally when a designer starts off with any references to color the room goes silent and everybody starts looking around anxiously for an escape. Yes, this is at times one of those emotional moments in most designers’ lives. Today we will put an end to the anxiety...

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Six skills to master when in any business.

Working in a couple of corporate institutions and dealing with loads of corporate work; social work; private work and contract work. I have come to a few conclusion about business or good employee strategies. I would like to give you my take on some of the more...

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