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When it comes to marketing, design, and art. Magic-E is here to bring you the insight, tips, and tricks to think of from running your own marketing campaigns to designing your logo check it out now!

Eduard Smit Facebook

I would like to meet you, digitally for now (Nothing weird please). I spread my motivational messages, some music, what is behind the marketing, design and training this me. let’s connect!

Ed's Linked In

If you are interested in business, marketing or design stories advice and tips or just looking for insight into my bio or looking for a business connection let join up on Linked In.

PshycoNorm Group

Fitness and wellness is a little madness and a little sanity. Follow the training journal tips and ideas within my fitness journey. the struggle the tribulations, weights, and cardio sessions.bus

Magic-E YouTube

For the amalgamation of all the different channel videos, from marketing and design to motivation and training. This is the spot where you’ll get all the feed work!

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Quick motivational posts, short sweet as we love the Twitterverse, Check it out follow and share all about everything. I follow back!