As we discussed yesterday the whole idea behind having the perfect match for your product and content in the digital world let us look at the following today what is some of the most important things you need to know about your audience to ensure you have their best interest and content in hand.

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Today we look at and discuss what information would best suit your data needs when you are looking at building user personas for your brand.

Who is this customer of yours? What do they look like age, gender, and education? This will help you understand some of their traits? Arte they married do they have kids etc. all of this info will guide you into what they will find interesting and in a way give you a broad overview of their general being.

What do they do?
Who are they at work, what is their title what company do they work for? What are their responsibilities and what do they experience here. This will definitely be such a great input as you will easily be able to gauge who your product is for and who will be most likely to benefit from your business.

What does their day look like?
Finding out what their day looks like will provide you with enough input to almost complete the picture. Here you will understand what they go through what their experience is like and where you can add even more value all if these details can help your content along so well.

It is very informative to know what the decisions is they are making during the day who they deal with and what their level of interaction is with their staff, management, social media all these little info bytes will add value to your efforts.

What are their challenges?
In terms of your service and products figure out what is their challenges in general and specific related to your business. Not only will this give you key business info but amazing content ideas as well. You can also find new opportunities here that you might not have known about or seen earlier.

What are their goals?
If you know what your customers wish to achieve then you can provide the full circle service or product as you now have everything you need to make sure you always provide them with the highest level of service and ensure that you know where they are and when and how to over exceed their highest expectations. What do they value in the whole process?

Which media’s do they consume?
If you know where they are, then you will have no problem finding them and finding likeminded individuals. What do they use to find and research and purchasing decisions on?

What do they care about when it comes to your service and product offering to them?
Do they want huge amounts of experience for business trust or do they want you to be on standby for them 12 hours a day? Talk it over with them also ask openly what you can do to add more value to them regularly update your info to ensure that you always have the best service or product fit for your buyers.

What are the biggest objections to yourself doing business with them from their perspective?

Probably one of the most informative pieces of information except that the answers you get, to an extent, may be biased. They might not have the guts to tell you what they really think yet as the customers may not want to hurt your feelings. Try and as much as possible get the closest to correct answers possible. You can add all these objections in your sales process and work around getting their objections solved.

As you can probably see from all the info I share on the regular there is a trend occurring the more detail you have about yourself, your process your product your client what you do and how well you deliver the better your business will run.

Try and continue to improve and improve each and every day to ensure you stay relevant informed and ahead of the curve. I hope you enjoyed this piece I hope that this article in some way added some value to your own internal process.

There was an old adage that said if you’ve just come to drop the boxes don’t expect to receive the check by hand. I believe that there still is a lot of reason to forge good relationships with all your clients to best serve them. Remember it is always to improve the client’s life, add the most amount of value to their business and to continue to deliver on their most important and personal needs. Professionally.

Check in again regularly with all the updated info.