I have been training effectively for almost 18 years and man have I learned some interesting business skills from just training my body each day. One very important notion I am intrigued by is the idea of always setting yourself up to win. I have without knowing also started applying these ideas to my own business and my work and it has yielded great results and perhaps some of it might work for you! Not in the mood for reading check out the shortened recap of the article below here.

Now some people may think no I’m just good at training or have good genetics or I’ve just been working hard for very long or I have great self-control. Nope, I just have a few plans that I make to ensure I reach my goals. Yes, you can apply these ideas to anything in business studying anything. You have to just use it.

Now the hardest thing about my training is; I normally go from a flabby 95-100Kg (15-20% bodyfat) winter body to a summer body of cruising between 8-10% body fat. Some people are amazed at how I get it right year after year. I don’t think it’s anything special what I do find special is the things I’ve learned that helps me achieve this and how easily it applies to business and your work.

Mental preparation
First I have to make myself completely loathe the situation I am in, yes I have to mentally program myself into a state of total discomfort with my situation. No comfort zone here. I have to continue to talk myself into action, It becomes a habit.

In business, yes you can do the same, look into your heart and find where you want to be and program yourself to get there, set your goals what you want and not want. And work on getting out of your comfort zone today!

The most important thing is the habit not what I say! I get into the habit of training every day Consistently and saying no to bad foods.

For your business, You can set up best times for tasks and ensure you focus on the right things at the right time. you can also focus on avoiding the pitfalls of doubt and inactivity! You know where the gaping holes are and plug them.

Goals yes goals.
I know everyone is fed up with goals but so many people don’t believe in them, It doesn’t have to be a goal call it an action plan ie I am going to do this for this amount of time until I reach this outcome There a goal with a plan and a deadline and come on the more specific you are the easier you’ll get there. This is so important in anything. If you want to just earn a bit more money, $1 would solve your problem. However losing 2kg’s of weight in the next month by cutting out supper carbs is clear and easy to follow. So set up goals and action plans make it easy to follow quickly to do and make sure you check up on them every day!

Physical planning
I plan days ahead I plan on what to eat when to train what to do before after etc. I leave nothing to chance. I set up ample time for recovery. All planned out. Stick to your plans do what you can to get there. As for training so for business you can plan and should plan! If it’s not your job to plan for the entire company plan your day, plan your campaign whatever you are in charge of making sure you know exactly

I set myself up to win, I start small, not expecting too much and my only goal is finishing and gradually I make things harder. I set myself up to win continually. On the diet side I steer clear fo restaurants, and fast foods I know once you are there it’s so much harder to say no. I don’t buy the high carb foods and I stay away from places and situations where I know it will be hard to say no. It then becomes easier and with the metal programming, it becomes easier and easier as the time goes on.

Do and do and Do, Nothing more to say just do whatever it takes to do what you have planned to do! Become a closer of list items!

Check the results and update the plan.
probably the most important part of the whole process is to check what I’ve done, where I’ve come to what the results of doing what has been? With diet and training, it’s very difficult to say. but in business, you can get a much clearer picture of what works.

If I get hurt or one exercise hurts me I change I update the plan to ensure I get the best out of every day and be in the best shape whilst doing it.

For business, try everything and make sure that which yields negative or no results don’t utilize it take another route, don’t be stuck in the old ways of doing things or what worked in the past if it doesn’t work change it! don’t get emotional, don’t get attached get it done and get ahead its way better.

And when I get to my destination, Well I plan for the next phase, How can I improve upon what I’ve done, With the training its a tad hard to look at the result and say ok I need more arm mass, or more shoulders and then having to gain weight again to work on this. Only to lose it again. .In Business you can continue to improve without having to go back to the original state, just keep making it work better and better.

Let us recap quickly:

1- Mental Preparation
– program yourself with what you want to achieve
– Make your wants compelling
– Why are you doing this

2- Goals
– Specific Know exactly the outcome you want
– Measurable, know where you are and how far you have to go
– Attainable, it has to be something you can achieve in the time
– Realistic, Be real with yourself it will help you in the end
– Time, A goal without a deadline is just a dream

3- Planning
– Backwards plan your route to goal success
– Set yourself up to win daily

4- Do Do and Do!
– Follow your plan with vigor

5- Check your results and adjust your plans
– See where you are at what worked what was a waste and change and update accordingly
– Do what works and make sure you have a smooth process

Thank you for reading and I hope that if not inspired that the article at least made you think, please share your views and comment below. thanks.

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