You’re working on reaching new markets and gaining insight into the murky waters of the blue ocean, You have done your research, you’ve checked the needs on the latest needs platform and yet you still have to crack open your new market. You really want to enter this space. You start targeting adverts according to your results from the research and so you twiddle your thumbs waiting. get more connections.

A week or two goes by and still, you hear nothing. You look into your personas and you update your advertising you rethink your messaging. Yes, the dollars are flowing through the advertising channels and still, you’re struggling to get into the markets you thought you would have been into, by now! What went wrong, your user count keeps climbing.

Hold on a moment; ok, my story isn’t really about breaking into new markets it’s just the place where I can relate it to most as that seems to be my biggest drive lately! I can change the intro to be about trying to change careers breaking into a new industry, moving to another country or whatever new endeavor we are trying to achieve.

We have become such connection number slaves that we forget about the true meaning of connecting, it’s about sharing; increasing your knowledge! Finding things that are important to us all; creating a tribe around an idea or belief!

My story does rain true, I decided in my endeavors to find out more about new markets. I added a little twist and instead of just asking the numbers to fill out the survey to do and be more than merely sending out an automated request. Nowadays I am trying to really connect; on a deeper level. I believe that this is the way to do it right, I became interested in the real again the real you! The real connection. Yes, we still haven’t found a replacement for time well not since I last checked, so no more time than before. I know our time is so short lately, so I set apart a little time each and every day, to just connect, to re-link to read the real and make that connection count. I ask questions real questions. Most importantly asking someone for advice when they are in a position you would like to know more about it is weird at first but not hard at all! Most people reply with kind and honest answers connecting in the real, and honesty of it!

So have I got all the answers I needed? No not by long shot, Will I get it, I am more than confident that this approach of mutual connection resonates with more and more professionals and as the real start taking away the super edited, filtered and statistical automated approach to give way to true personalization the one on one connection that was the starting point of the whole drive back in the front seat again! Connect with your peers, ask your new friends questions get to know them, The research can’t tell you what your client is really looking for, on a meaning full deeper level, what their real wants and needs are but you can! Get personal, get to understand your customers, get to know them!

Now am I saying that all this modern knowledge is useless, no it is definitely the amplifier to our connective beings that drive our urge to connect, don’t get lost in the autonomy of it. Build real relationships with real people even if it’s over the latest Wi-Fi connection or on the latest social platform! Find your real today.

Thank you for reading this short article and please share your thoughts and comments!