I believe there is no better day than today to give you all a short article on how to #kick_start today, and all your coming #Magical_Mondays, try these 5 Monday tips.

1) Don’t hit that Snooze button (It’s a bit late now!) Your mind takes the action of hitting the snooze button as a false alarm and you wake up groggier than you would have been normally.

2) Move your body, when you change your body’s physiology you release chemicals that get you ready to get going try walking faster sitting up straight, and if you can exercise!

3) Do not get distracted by small tasks, keep your focus on the big deals. Mondays set the stage for your entire week make sure it’s a successful week of big accomplishments!

4) Due to the emotions linked to Sunday afternoon blues and loads of fellow humans struggling on Mondays, I would advise to not make any sudden or big decisions on a Monday. Just a hunch.

5) I am a firm believer in small wins, So for your day set up some good tasks you know you can complete this will set you up for a winning week, and if it feels like you are not winning today why not get hold of me and let me design your next brand and get that off of your list. Call me today!

It’s not always that easy, but try these 5 Monday tips and let me know what works for you.