You have probably noticed that most of the newer but now “Old School” social media marketing tactics have declined in effectiveness and are frankly looking to up your game. Social media engagement! Yes.

Your ads are not doing so well anymore and with the constant algorithm changes from the greats like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and twitter there is a lot to be desired in terms of click through and actual business in-bound from these sources. I have seen how good marketers rely so much on ads and so little on creating value driving conversation and building a community that admittedly its to be expected, that the networks started hammering the algorithm.

Keep in mind that the world changes and that people’s perception of the value of advertising keeps diminishing no one is looking at your ads; if it’s not exactly pinpoint targetted to their wants and needs. Do a simple acid test with your own news feed. How many ads do you scroll by before you even have the affinity to stop and click through?

I can spot a bad ad a mile away or should I rather say in a full speed scroll my eyes have become super accustomed to tuning out the things that have no interest to me. If it is purely an ad then I have no reason to even interrupt my social media get away with its attempt to gain my attention.

What has changed, for one I know the social media attention graph has changed, like e-mail used to be quite strong and then everyone started blasting us with hundreds upon thousands of e-mails (Don’t get me wrong e-mail is still powerful and the so the right add is still worth sending out to your audience) but spraying and praying that something will stick in your potential customers inbox is old!

Come on you’re smarter than that. You want the niche audience the guys that are actually interested in what you have to say how you say it and what solutions you provide! Isn’t that what we spend our time on.

I don’t google for the best gym, I Google how to lose weight fastest or how to get to my end result best. The gym is secondary!

I find someone who has already done it or someone that has some clout in the arena in which I am searching for and then I consume their content. If their content is good and I trust them (that is the crux) I will easily be tempted to buy their latest training book or the shoes that let the pants sizes drop. ( Excuse my analogies as you can think sitting behind a laptop for most of my life GYM is my escape.)

Things have indeed changed and yes now it is time for you to engage, the easiest way to set yourself apart from the monotonous advert droppers and build meaningful relationships. Its time to start building your trust speak in your language and in doing so; growing your community around your essence: the solution you provide and thus get more interested customers.

No, it’s not rocket science its maybe a little human psychology (very Little in fact), but that is marketing isn’t it? In any case, for returning happy customers you have to be trusted, the go-to guy or gal with the real goods! You got it you have to deliver too!!

Let’s just say that you do pretty well already.

What would I suggest? I have to admit that in my experience this has gained me more followers for way less spend. Yes, a little more spend on the clock but with way more rewarding results overall.

Step one… Ok, I won’t do it that way.

Think of it this way, people will always do business with those they trust, and for someone to trust you they must, either have heard about your amazing skills and services or products or they must know you. (An add doesn’t allow anyone to know and less to trust you)

Don’t get me wrong ads are great for awareness but so was flyers and billboards in the eighties and nineties! I believe the following months will see an even bigger uptake on social advertising and an even bigger decay on great content. That for me is great news!

The opportunities come knocking!

I believe the best and fastest way to build a positive “knowing” around your brand is to be you. To be the ambassador for your brand online. Speak your truth, connect and engage build familiarity with not your services and products but with you. Put yourself out there. Be in peoples news feeds get on their radar and speak up!

Don’t be part of the heard of silent likers (Like reciprocity is a trap) but speak up. Connect and engage around your passions and around your brand give yourself and your knowledge to everyone whom you are connecting with and connecting too. this will positively grow your familiarity with your audience.

Yes, that would be step one FAMILIARITY!

After you have connected and become familiar, to your prospective audience on your; peers, friends possible clients timelines; instafeeds; DM’s and youtube channels. Wherever you choose to do your activity (preferably where your audience resides). They will either find a liking to you or not. If they do you have overcome the first obstacle and can now progress to phase two. Get to know them!!

Step two that was, become a friend, yes a real one! FRIENDSHIP

Now the onus is totally up to you to bring the value! speak your truth, solve their problems and in this way gain their trust. Not because you are just looking for the sale. Because you want to grow an engaged audience help them solve their problems, you care and are interested in them and you are that person! (Yes you can use this the wrong way too but humans have this unique ability to sniff out if you are not authentic and will definitely place you in the “don’t trust them zone” if you are not for real!).

This would be considered no three TRUST.

If you’ve gotten their trust you can now proceed to do business and build what the guru’s say your power base! Trusted friends believers or wait, even better ambassadors of YOU!

And as the social verse always exclaims rinse and repeat; i.e. do it again and continuously. Keep checking in on your network keep providing great value and you will start seeing great results. Build a positive influence and possibly sell some of your amazing products and services along the way.

Run ads too, but always think further than merely the ads that you are running. Social media is a powerful connection tool if you use it right and if you are yourself and you are honest you can really make a great business from utilizing its power.

Happy business!