As we look at the designing of a great logo there is more than just one thing that we always keep in mind. Think of your logo as is the smile of your business yes, it is its eyes its hair its body shape and its personality. Yes, that is the brand you carry it is all about your business. It must be immediately recognizable, inspiration, build trust create admiration loyalty and immediately make you recognize it as it is! As you can imagine this is not something that will happen overnight at all.

It’s also not just the task of your actual picture or icon of your logo but it deals with everything in and around your business, your service, your support, every touchpoint of your brand is, in fact, working towards the image of your brand, and is thus ultimately captured in your great logo! Every advertisement, every communication. It’s all part of your brand image, Yes, we call it all sorts of things but it’s true the logo is just the part that brings it all together.

If you have a great brand name the logo isn’t more important than the overall brand experience it merely signifies the brand experience. A great logo is only a signifier of everything else your business does.

But on that note what makes the icon or the name or the imagery associated with your business that which we refer to as logo stand out most and make it great apart from all the associated factors. I believe there are five factors that we should take into consideration when looking at the proof of your great logo.

We all learned way back when we all attended class in design to keep it simple, stupid (KISS) as otherwise referred to. Think about it the simpler your brand is the easier it will be to notice it, especially if traveling at high speed. When walking by a shelf filled with products.

Keeping it simple will also force you to ensure it is super unique and ultimately functional and memorable. So always look out for simplicity in your logo or icon design. Don’t get me wrong there is a place in this world for classically styled logos as well? Perhaps just in another blog post.

I think this aspect of a great logo is rather self-explanatory if the logo is not memorable it won’t be easily differentiated from the crowd of other logos. If it looks the same as another it will be mistaken for such. In general, it is very little that a logo deals directly with the service or product of a brand but moreover the feeling or emotional aspects of the brand and thus creating the memorable feel. Remember again there is more behind a logo than simplicity and memorability but they do matter.

This is way harder than it sounds, to assume that we can predict what will be cool in the next ten to fifteen years will be like predicting which cat video will go viral next. But if you stick to the main aspects of great logos you will stay within the pillars of creating a brand that will stand the test of time! Look at great brands and how perhaps they have dealt with the changing world and their brands! If you keep it simple and you make it memorable it could just make it for a good couple of years.

As the design adage goes form follows function, so should your logo designs be. It must be functional, the better the logo the easier it is applied from pens to t-shirts to billboards.  Whether you print one two or three colors, dark and light backgrounds, whatever the requirements try and fit it into as many variations as possible. Again, if you stick to the KISS and memorable ideas you shouldn’t have too many hassles passing the versatility test with ease.

We like to leave the hardest one for last if you’re into a serious business. A silly graphic won’t be your best route to market. Yes, your brand isn’t just the logo it is everything but your logo should signify what your brand is all about if you’re a law firm your logo should in my eyes be professional, clean and uncluttered like you would like your lawyer! Make your logo appropriate, in the sense that it describes to an extend not just the brand but the feel of the corporation.

These are some tough aspects to maintain and as you get your logo designed you will see how these impacts the output of your brand’s identity. It’s not always easy to stick to the tried tested and trusted but at times these will serve you well and make your brand easy to use and a pleasure to work with. I hope you find this information useful and if I ever get the chance I do look forward to working on your Simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate brand design in the future.