We are always busy working on new ideas of how to ultimately attempt to get into our customer’s heads, how we will get to own the headspace when it comes to our products and services. But what if there was another way? Well, guess what there actually is. I haven’t found wonderland (the one Alice looks for) But I have a few profound ideas that could ultimately put your business back in the front seat without costing you a fortune.

This is not something that comes easy and again it isn’t something that you just do it’s what you do and how you do it that brings forth this growth notion. Yes, you are being watched and your brand is under assault now is the time to call the superhero inside of you and take your brand to the next level. I know you can. Do you.

So the easiest way of getting into your customers head and perhaps get them to share your vision, values and perhaps just mention your products or service is to truly a delight when you delight you have the right team and the right product.

I am going to assume that you already have that in place. So how can you position your branding and advertising on social, web and all mediums to gain the most traction?

What you do:
I have dealt with loads of service organization that focus wrongly, yes there are many that deliver great service yet not the personal feel. You have to get personal you have to place the customer first always! And when doing so you will see that whatever you do becomes noble and noteworthy. Always follow up. I can’t believe that you still get companies that don’t phone back or don’t let you know how far you are in the process. That not only leaves a bad taste in your mouth but a negative storm on social media’s and in general perceptions. Be professional but also be personal. You are dealing with people and you want them to feel like your biggest customer each and every time.

What you share:
Let’s first start with the following idea, any content that is merely just put out there isn’t necessarily good content. Good content is content that takes time! It’s not scalable you can’t-do three or four posts a day and this good content needs to add value it has to deliver on someone’s requirement to either improve or run their own version thereof, things like easily followed action steps, ways to think outside the box, tips on how to gain leads. Content that not only ads value but also work. Whatever your audience needs to improve their lives, do more business or be entertained.

What your audience shares:
Again making the assumption that you have your ducks in a row and they are flying. You deliver great service now. You have to ensure that every piece of deliverable have it be letters, e-mails, printouts packaging whatever it is cleverly positioned to add that little bit of value. If you have great products but your packaging sucks that’s what is going to bring you down. Many of the things we worry about don’t matter but your service and the value you bring matters a lot. If you deliver something noteworthy frame it in something noteworthy, start a conversation with your brand and brand touchpoints. It’s the way to spread your word.

If you are proud show it! This will definitely start bringing in some results, make sure that the message you send out is the right message deliver value upon value upon the value and you will see how your business grows and grows.