Your business is the newest addition to your family and you nurture it with all you have, you’ve spent more than your fair share of the budget on designing the most amazing website, and the SEO is 100percent on par. However, a few days in and you begin to wonder? Is the google analytics not working or what is the matter! You just don’t see any more traffic coming your way.

Yes you know you have to run some adverts to get more traffic but for now, your business needs to run on a lean budget until you’ve cracked the market and your sales increase a bit your spending is limited. What can you do? You know you have to spend some money on advertising, but before you do, there are a few ways to get some decent traffic to your site! Yes, you will have to spend money on AdWords and possibly on Facebook and twitter marketing as well but for now here are some things you can do to drive traffic without spending too much money!
As you know from most of my blog posts and input for almost anything in life: start to plan, there are a few things that you can do to drive traffic to your site if your advertising or not! You want to get these going. Not only does this build your brand it builds your brand character and differentiates your business from everyone else. It might be inexpensive but unfortunately, it does cost some time and effort. You have to also remember that once you start your followers and potential customers will be eagerly awaiting your newest post or your blog, consistency is key!


Put the word out – increase your brand’s web traffic:
There truly is no difference between marketing your website and marketing your business, they both need to be marketed put your website address on all your collateral, all your communications, i.e. newsletters flyers e-mail signatures social accounts everywhere it is as important as your logo! If you have an opportunity to have your website display use it! That will get people who are interested in going and having a look at your site, this will definitely increase your user visit.

Blogs can generate great web traffic:
Yes, blog about your services, provide tips tricks and information about your services about how to make their lives easier with your products or service things to help them get better. The whole idea about a blog is to spread your message and methodology far and wide, build an audience and add value! If you are not adding value you probably won’t see much growth. But this is definitely a must have for all businesses.


Social Media generates lots of web traffic:
A lot of business overlook the value of social media, especially small and medium enterprise, you can start by connecting all your friends who will obviously support your cause as you would theirs? Would n’t you? Well, whatever you do, this is the space where your brand comes to life give it a personality share what you like, what your business is doing, the good the great and everything in between. You will see that this easily translates into great connections not only for you but for your business. Here not only will you become aware of your customers’ needs but you will build a network that will definitely drive traffic to your website.


Google Places Get your self-found:
Google has a set of free to use listing tools to help businesses just like yours, you can create a listing in the area that you operate in and Google will get whoever searches for your type of services in that area your details. Thank you, Google!

Business Listings sites – Direct web traffic:
Get your business listed, your business needs to show up everywhere people are looking. Remember in the old days we had the yellow pages, today we have the same online some sites do charge a minimal fee for showcasing your business details.

Add these quick additions to your plans and you will definitely start seeing some increase in your web traffic. Again these are not cast in stone and there are so many things you can add you are going to have to find out where your business personas reside online and offline and provide them with value for their time to look at your business and before you know it you will be driving loads of traffic to your site.

I hope that this article provides you with some easy to use quick starter ideas on where to go next in the business process after starting your own website. Remember I am just an e-mail away feel free to contact our team with any and all of your marketing and design requirements. Thank you.