As a marketer or business owner, entrepreneur (We all do marketing), in one way or the other and I have recently noticed that some of us have forgotten some of the essential digital marketing framework and that this missing step may leave your activities less focused and in a digital world that might be less cost-effective.

It has been thought that the old adage of what, who, when, why, how and where have disappeared and that the measure and optimize is no longer needed. It is it’s just digital! Those are still needed. Those are still valid. Have you done the 5 P’s no! Well, it’s not the end of the world yet. For this article let us stick to the “who’s, what, where, and whatever” and next time I will consider the 5p’s which is a build-up to this point I guess.

To make it easy let’s look at the digital marketing framework like this

WHAT                                   – What are you marketing?
WHO                                     – Who are your customers?
WHEN                                   – When will you market to them?
WHY                                      – What are you trying to achieve? Objectives!
HOW                                     – What is your message?
WHERE                                 – In which channels are you going to find your WHO’s?
Measure and Optimize   – How will you track and measure your outcome, the route to success.

Being a creative person, I always look for patterns and beauty and in this list, there is plenty of that! WHAT, WHO and WHY has to do with the relationship between yourself your service or product and the customer. It is not an activity.

WHEN, WHERE and HOW are the steps you are going to take with your WHAT WHO and WHY to achieve your objective, whatever it might be. If at this point you haven’t figured out your objective yet, I think now would be the time.

Let us delve right in, Your WHAT is straightforward, what is your customers biggest need! Is it to gain more followers to get more brand awareness, is it a cool logo or transport. The solution to the WHAT is what your selling that is your WHAT. You can express your what as such. Get yourself to the office in style! Is way cooler than buy this new car. (Silly example but you get the point).

WHOOO, WHOOO, no! I apologize for my owl impersonation. The WHO you are looking for is who is having the pain or need for your WHAT. You know what they say: every WHO needs a WHAT. This is not as straightforward as with the WHO process you must do some research and find out what does your WHO look like, which traits and characteristics can you bunch together out of all your customers. You don’t necessarily only have one audience but it’s good to know who, yes WHOOOO your audience. You know the closer you get to your customers the better your chances are to find opportunities and solve problems for your clients. Check out this article for more info

This is the last of the internal thinking W’s: WHY. What do you want to achieve, and not just increasing sales is not a good WHY? You should ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve, be super specific! By when do you want to achieve it. How will you measure your progress? You know the whole SMART thing. . . Specific, measurable, achievable, Realistic and timely. It is important to be super tight on these remember the better your input the better your output or GIGO as the internet would say (Garbage in Garbage out)

WHEN, will we do this, when is the best time to post, when will our audience be online, when are they reading Facebook, vs Twitter when are they on linked in all these WHENs needed to be answered. Get some ideas together on when you will wow with your WHAT. Ultimately you must also think of tomorrow and next week and the day after there is nothing scarier than an empty page with no content or stale old content!

WHERE oh where. If you’ve done your homework on your demographics you will know where. You will know exactly where. I would advise not to just put all your eggs in one basket but to diversify.  Think f your social and digital marketing as an investment. The more you spread your investment out the safer it becomes. Now if your target audience is not on twitter do not use twitter but use Facebook, e-mail, and blogs. Or any combination. Also, keep in mind where on the journey to your sale your customer is. I feel another article coming on what is a customer journey.

HOW, what are you saying, how are you saying it? This is of the utmost important remember in the beginning your selling the solution. Are your solutions the right fit for your customer’s needs. How will you get the message across? Are you using the right imagery and words?

You are ready to post, boost, run ads whatever you want to call it now you can go to market, don’t just trust one piece of content or one ad set try a few and see what they do, measure the results daily if you have the time and improve it. this is how you will get the best results for the least spend.

There is one more point that I wish to add to the whole process, I have always believed that there is three things you should really to keep top of mind, What value am I delivering my client, does my client need my product and if is this going to not only satisfy but is my product or service going to delight my customer.

If you have those three major things right, then never fear your marketing will go well right here!

And there you go you’ve gone through the first steps in creating great digital marketing campaign, by using the digital marketing framework. I look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your marketing goodies!

If you are interested, I have also shared an amazing little digital marketing strategy guide for you here, Now take the digital marketing framework to the next level!