You wake up sweaty in the middle of the night remembering that you’ve got a big project coming up. You feel like you are about to pull your hair out, you don’t know where to start, and everything seems to depend on this one moment.

First of all, we all go through this, don’t worry. Some of us have learned ways of coping, others have mastered the art of getting things done, and some people make a living of teaching us how to do these things. But it is a necessary part of every project, you have to sit it out and get it done. Turning your nightmare project into a dream project, a success to be. Here is something I believe can help you get everything done that needs to get done.

I am by no means a master of these traits but have found these ten pointers a good solid starting point to get your mind relaxing and getting that project of yours sorted! You know you can.

Set up an action plan
However mundane this might seem it actually works quite well, define the goals you wish to achieve within your project (Remember Smart Goals is all the craze). Break each goal into smaller tasks that lead onto each other to attain your goal, set a time for them and do them one by one!

Keep a to-do list
Now all the people that know me is frowning quite frantically at me already as the I am a serial to-do lister, I have lists of lists, So I would go as far as that but get a list of the goals and tasks of your project and update it every day Make good emphasis on what needs to be done and it will guide you daily on what needs to be done to get to your destination. Project finality.

Now prioritize your list
If you have a list of things to do, and your list is pretty big without priority you will be overwhelmed. Where do I even start!! Relax look at your time frame what’s most important and what depends on the other tasks and get it done first. A good prioritized is list is a list checked done!

Watch out for Mr. Distraction
Yes, I have that one too, I check e-mail way too many times a day, so what you can do is set up a specific time to check, e-mails turn off your social media’s, You can clean your desk when you are done!

Keep at it!
Persevere no matter what if you have a task to get done do it until it is done do not give up. You will develop a thicker and thicker skin. One thing that the design industry teaches you is that things go wrong Desktops crash files corrupt and laptops lag so just continue through it! Your project deserves your best.

Build on your perseverance
You have gotten to the point where you can now make this new action orientated outlook and make a habit of it do it more and more. Until it becomes second nature. Work in the same place get the same setting and before you know it you will be a master of completion.

Take regular breaks
I must admit that my biggest problem is when I get stressed I get stuck, but when you change your physiology your focus shifts. You can look at things clearer, move around. It might just change your whole outlook.

Time things
Start noticing the time it takes you to do certain tasks and requirements. You can even document your findings this will help you find spaces and time slots where you are not optimal and you can change it. We all have our most effective times and least effective times. Do your best work when you are at your best and answer those e-mails when your creativity drops.

Review your progress
You have been working your plan. It’s time, now see how you did? What are difficulties you faced? Where can you work better change your tasks from what you’ve learned and updated your route to your goals? You are almost there remember you have got this, always.

Lastly, share your tasks or problems
You don’t have to go at it alone some of the best work I’ve ever been involved in was when there was a dedicated team delivering greatness. When you are too busy; I agree to learn to say no.

Thank you for taking the time and reading these ten steps to be more productive. I hope it can help you. There are two old sayings that I think fit in very well with this list “when you fail to plan you plan to fail” and “what gets measured gets done”.