You know that feeling that if you can become great at this or that then you’ll be better off than you are now. Ever had that feeling? Your life needs to change you are done with where you are and you are ready to take the plunge into your own inner greatness.

Every morning when you wake up you can feel it, you can feel you are meant to be more than what you are currently. So what is this magical wonder that transforms people’s life’s and suddenly makes them successful? How much does it cost and where do you get it! I have some good news and I have some bad news. So let’s do the bad news, you agree right? It’s actually easier on paper! In practice not so much and for the bad news, I think that is it.

My son always asks me: “Dad, what does it take to be the best?” and me being me I just keep telling him learn this line: what does it cost to be the best, it costs the best of everything, if you give it your all and everything you might just get there!

Yes, it’s a tough notion to deal with.

And the good news is it is attainable, and it’s not that hard. In retrospect I went and looked at an area where I have been successful and used the same approach to everything I do and you won’t believe but my life started changing, I didn’t have to give it everything. However, I do anyhow! So where does this magic formula come from? I am one of those almost fitness nuts, I train hard and heavy and constantly I easily lose weight and I easily gain weight and all because I’ve learned a few techniques that have worked for me! Pretty well too!

There are three key principles that you can apply to anything if you want to become a great programmer do this! If you want to be a great speaker do this! If you want to be a great partner goodness do this! You want to be super fit yes that too.

Well, I hope you gathered that these three things are pretty important elements on route to success being better. Now as I always say there is a gazillion little techniques and tips and advice I can put on this blog but for you, I wanted to share what I deem very important.

Key One: Consistency.
Can that even be a route to success or betterment at all? Yes indeed If you continually do the things that will make you better consistently you will become great! Nothing to it. If you train to run a race every day, after a good couple of days you will become quite good at doing that specific race! If you do things consistently you will excel, don’t use it and you will lose it!

Key two: Load or challenge.
Only doing the same thing day in and day out consistently will make you great at that one thing, now changing the load or increasing the challenge will continually make you better and better. Obviously, if you continuously increase the challenge imagine where you will go! You know those highly effective people? Perhaps they just consistently tried to be more and more effective and one day; magically they were very effective!

Key three: time under tension.
Time under what? Ok, it’s a weight lifting term meaning the amount of time your muscle is under tension from the weight! I think this one is slightly self-explanatory! The more time you spend with your challenge or your trade or whatever you want to become great at, the better and the more advanced you will become. If you immerse yourself in a certain field after some time of immersion you will emerge as a savant of that which you have immersed yourself in. Now if you do this constantly and continually increase your effort and add the time in just imagine where you’ll be going the sky was never a limit for anything!

I hope you enjoyed this post and believe that it can perhaps have a positive impact in your life as it did in mine! Keep at it and check in again later in the week for more marketing, design or business articles, tips, and information.