#growthhacktuesday A start of adding some value and information on new businesses around www.magic-e.co.za. I will make a few assumptions and will most probably have an article for all your questions too.

Welcome to the growth hack Tuesday. My idea is to give away some thoughts and share ideas and thoughts on for questions I get on the website and with queries from real-life businesses. Today we look at a small home-based tattoo studio who is currently trying to increase their customer base by spending as little as possible and grow their brand as possible.

Magic-E, well myself will always advise taking the 360-degree approach, however, as per the request lets try and keep costs to a minimum. The values that I share here are merely for your information and may vary from the time of writing. I will also convert all costs to dollars to make it easier for everyone to understand everywhere. This advertising cost in dollars may vary.

The 360-degree approach is just a way of thinking about all your interactions with the customer, from visits to your store to see an advert in the magazine. Firstly you would have to think of every possible touchpoint and ensure you do somehow have your brand message there.

Let’s call our customer TP-tattoo and how I would organize things in TP’s favor to try and grow not just an audience but a healthy client base.

Assumptions as always. I assume that the business has a facebook page, however no other social accounts, no website, no blog and no e-mail marketing system. Again remember nothing wrong with that. However ow is the time to get it all sorted. The tattoo business is visual so you have to be on Instagram, Facebook and you have to have a blog, a website, and an email strategy.

For cost saving, you can utilize great services like wordpress.com, MailChimp, google analytics and obviously the social media’s in question.

Let us begin.
I am going to go through the ideas I have for growing this business by taking it step by step from awareness, to interest to conversion and taking care of your customer after they used your service. As you should know that t is always easier to attract an enlightened customer again than to gain a new one so we will try and ensure that you not only build a mutually beneficial relationship but leave your customer with a good feeling about you and your business.

I have to admit that from all the different types of business that could require growth, a tattoo studio has so much current hip status on there are so many shareable goods going on that there is no way you can not create daily content. Awareness should be an easy fix, you can do all sorts of things posting a design a day would be such a puller, maybe start writing poems around the meaning share ideas on what works where it hurts what to do for aftercare create and create and create ! the more content you drive, the more entertainment you push the more value you add the better your engagement and following will become.

People love art and by showcasing your art online you are adding value, in terms of entertainment value. By offering free tips on aftercare, what tattoos look best in what areas, what the meaning of some tattoos are you are continually growing and increasing your content and showcasing your passion for this art. Offer some prizes for some of the other businesses in your area. hook up with some of the bars or motorcycle clubs in the area. Always remember that you do not want to just create but also document a lot of the content you push out.

Post your designs and the day to day Studio works on your Instagram, Microblog about tattoos and your tattoo art on facebook and make sure you aggregate all of this on your blog and website. Share your pricing and your story on your website.

Everybody always worries about converting? Well, you should it’s your bread and butter. Here it is simple if your art is liked by the right people you will see queries come in. You can offer special offers if a design gets shared by 100 people you will do it for the 100th share. If you get 1000 like on your page you will design a special design. offer special times special rates. A wacky Wednesday, Freaky Friday, whatever. If someone is interested to ask them when they want a booking.

Growth-pointers: Do some free designs and charge for tattooing them, get some shirts made and every time you do a big tattoo you give a free shirt away (that in itself may become another money generator).

Allow your customers to have a sort of a lay-by service for them where they pay you up front for larger and more expensive work.

You have to get people talking about your art if they don’t come give some tattoos away for free, whatever it takes to get the customers through the door.

Your customer is on his way, they made the booking and their coming. Send them a branded reminder the night before! drop them an e-mail. send a WhatsApp message whatever works best.

Ensure your shop is ready it looks professional and will induce a calm and relaxed state for the customers.

Growth-pointers: As you know the biggest differentiator in business today is quality, quality service, quality delivery and a quality experience. Remeber that short story on the brand touchpoints I wrote some time ago go check it out again here.

If you deliver the goods in a comfortable safe environment that is neat, or in this instance perhaps have a lot of soul, you will definitely entice your customer to share their experience. Getting your customer to recommend you by word of mouth is the biggest asset especially in this business as you are imparting on them a conversation piece and if their experience was great they will continually drive your brand to their friends and family.

There is a lot of discussions about giving a discount and that whilst giving a discount you create an addiction to discount and might drive customers away. But think of it this way perhaps you can give away vouchers instead of a discount. Put up a poster in your shop asking your visitors to share their experience with your shop on Instagram and give them an R250 voucher when they tag you redeemable only with you.

You might get a couple of small requests from here but perhaps you could get some tattoo lover with an audience of thousands to take you up on your offer and flood your shop with all their followers gives aways always add value.

Everyone forgets about e-mail, well you shouldn’t. E-mail is valuable. then you don’t just have to do e-mail you have to create apart from just delivering a great service you have to deliver remarkable after service with each tattoo, why not give away a little written note on how to take care of your tattoo (it is branding that moves away from your business, branding, and detail that can be seen. Add some aftercare cream and your aftercare note in a little sachel that customers get when they leave your shop (Obviously you have to work the cost into your general price but you’re adding great value! They don’t have to ask or Google how to care for their tattoo nor do they have the hassle of having to go buy the right cream!

Delighted yet, No its good but it’s not remarkable yet. Two weeks after the tattoo it should have been healed perhaps you can send out a little e-mail following up on how the tattoo is doing and looking! Yes, great you’re engaging. another month later you can send another followup email and find out if your customer feels like getting another tattoo? Now you’re engaging in business! Offer a Free Touch up session who knows if you treat them well maybe they get another tattoo.

With these few tips and pointers, I am sure the TP-Tattoo studio can get some more customers through their doors. I also believe that the readers can see some applicable actions to do in any business. Please feel free to add your comments and ideas. I will be back next week with another business and some more ideas. thank you for checking in.