Intentional Marketing – Working through the Marketing Frame work

Are you just posting stuff to get seen or do you want to actually achieve something? I have been thinking a lot about the social landscape and something I guess we all have noticed that there is a lot of unintentional content.

What is the next thing that you are going to post, what outcome do you wish to achieve by posting whatever you post? Do you have an intentional goal, drive the conversation, create awareness build my community whatever it is the more defined your goal is the better your chance of actually achieving it and understand your efforts better.

I work in the social sphere every day and we have pretty intentional campaigns backed by a nice budget and preset outcome ideas and targets. Yet today I am looking at us as individuals. The smaller businesses, the one man shows who deliver great content but at times losing focus of what we want to achieve. I am starting a whole series on what I am doing to get some of my brands off the ground I want you to be my partner and be part of the process. I’m also guilty but on the road to change it asap, I know I should. here’s to more intentional posts. #intentionalmarketing #goals #mystory