Being in business for yourself is never as easy as it looks, I know you’re a professional and you are doing pretty good, but what can you do to make sure you do even better.

As you know being an owner or co-owner of any business means that you have to be a lot of people all at once. The biggest thing most new business struggle with is sales! You might be great at what you do but you need to now also become great at Accounting, Sales, and marketing.

I have looked at lots of ways to increase your rate of closing the sales. Indeed there are many ways and many steps but these really resonated with me try them and share your sales success story with us!

Stop Selling and start helping, you’ll close more sales that way

You know you have to sell your solutions and your products but for a moment forget about that, find out what it is your customer needs, fulfil his needs with your service or product and you’ll see you will start selling more of it because people want you to solve their problems not sell them something that does and trust me, people are willing to pay for solutions that work.

What extra value can you bring to the table? Does it allow you to close more sales?

In the cut throat business arena of today, where every second person has a great offering and business it is very hard to differentiate yourself from all the clutter in a very busy and productive world. If you want to sell successfully your selling must come with some pros. What extra value apart from just the product, does buying your product provide the customer? What do you offer that makes your product stand out far above the rest (Price is important but I can promise you if your offering is filled with amazing value, price won’t really matter)

Get used to helping more and selling less the longer sales cycle

When you are no longer just merely pushing the boxes off to your customers and actually building a relationship and helping them solve their needs with your products or services you will notice that the average sales cycle will be slightly longer, you will need more time to quote as the orders will be tailored, you will need more time to nurture your clients and make sure that you build a great relationship with them.

Tailor made solutions close more sales than the cookie cutter solutions

I believe that this is rather obvious, in knowing your customer better it will allow you to tailor your products and services more to their specific needs. Yes it will take more time to implement and set up and it would probably cost a little bit more in the end but people are more inclined to buy service and products tailored to their needs as it will be better for them (They will receive more value as in tip two)

Not only will the truth set you free but it can win you sales later on!

Be honest with your customers if your solution is not going to help them then don’t sell it to them. If you save your customers the cost of something that isn’t perfect for them they will respect you and call upon you more often for other solutions. Always be honest and build the relationship. Always deem your relationship more important than your sale. That’s how you build customers for life!

You are the expert! close more sales.

Remember there will be times where you will have to take charge and speak your experienced mind, you will have to show that you are knowledgeable. Obviously, your customer will know his business best but you should be a master of your products and services that way you can easily see where your products or services can make the life of your customer better and add more value and you will see how your sales will increase.

If you have built a good rapport with your clients and they trust you and you deliver great service your customers will even start spreading the word and before you know it you will get new leads from old customers and grow your client database.

There are still loads of other ways to increase your sales and get better with your customers it’s not a one size fits all solution but the more you work your sales plan the better you will become! Keep at it.

I hope you enjoyed this quick article and look forward to your feedback. Happy selling, and close more sales!
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