Story telling made simple, Stories SCQA. Magic-E, Eduard Smit

You know what you need to do and you know your process so Why not look at it the easy way! Here is a simple way for you to structure your story to be compelling, make sense and provide true value: #tiptuesday First, you start by using this SCQA+P model that they teach us in marketing courses! It’s very simple, yet effective!
SITUATION: what is going on where is your audience finding themselves. (they need to start writing stories!) COMPLICATION: What is their pain points? Divulge on this set the scene. what has changed in the way we share our knowledge and our business.
QUESTION: how do you do it, what do you do, when Situation plus the Complication leaves me with a question? (How do I write stories) ANSWER: Answer the question needed! this is where you bring your value into the process. Provide a valuable solution to serve your audience! Yes, not you! Your audience came for the solution, not for your voice!
PURPOSE: Always end with a purpose! I want you to get more traction online, Call me or mail me and Let’s walk this path together! I want to help you! and BAM, you’ve done your first story!
I hope you enjoyed this short dive into storytelling! Next up we will dive a little deeper. I hope you enjoyed it! Please share your thoughts and ideas.