Why it is so important to know who you are speaking to. A lot of marketers, designers and companies are playing the dangerous game of making assumptions on who their audience is. I know I’ve done it before and burnt my fingers and I am sure many of you have too? Times have changed the value of our audience has become the driving force behind our marketing efforts. You don’t have to admit it! Just try sending the wrong e-mail to the wrong client at the wrong time and see the effects.

Here are my three quick tips on why I believe it’s important to know exactly who your audience is?

Do not waste my time with things I don’t want! Know your audience!

Deliver me content that adds value to my life and which will have an impact on my needs! I believe; that says it all. Stop wasting people’s time with content that they don’t want nor need, in this day and age our brand is in conversation with customers. The power is in the hand of the consumer If you don’t know your audience you will be selling the wrong product at the wrong time which doesn’t add value but rather wastes their time and probably chases them away people will remember this and brands get punished for not paying attention.

Everybody is really not into what you are selling.

Do you like every person you meet? I don’t. I respect everyone I meet, but I don’t necessarily like them. I don’t like all the styles of music, I don’t like certain fashion it’s what makes me unique. With that said my next point should be clear not everybody is into your service not everybody is interested in what your selling not everyone cares about your advice. If you’re not aiming your value at the right people your throwing your money down the drain. The better you know your audience the easier it becomes to add value to their lives. You can create content, Your ads are cheaper as its more focused and ultimately you can serve your client better.

Which brings me to my third pointer it’s not a numbers game it’s a quality game

So many people are caught up in the numbers I’d rather help ten customers achieve their goals and add value to their businesses than have an audience of ten thousand who isn’t interested, I want ti add value if a customer doesn’t find value in our conversation I’m talking to the wrong customer. Numbers is nothing if you’re not talking to the right people. If I don’t have the problem you’re selling the solution for why would I let you waste my time on it? Think about it.

So there are many other more scientific reasons why it is super important to know your customers and speak their language add value that they are interested in receiving. Selling football tickets to someone wanting to watch the hockey isn’t good business.

Know your audience!