This week I will look into some thoughts of understanding who your customer audience is? Imagine for one moment. . .

You open your news feed and there it is. your ad for the most amazing new ballet show advert is showing up on a fisherman’s newsfeed, somehow the fisherman is not into ballet?

I am slightly over exaggerating but you get the picture. who you target in your advertising is not only important for yourself but it is also of the highest importance to your customers. There is nothing worse than seeing an advert that has no relevance to me. I take note of the brands and remember them for wasting my time.

This is the point I wish to bring forth, I have a lot of discussions with professionals looking at reaching the widest audience available and talking to everyone. Why, do you want to talk to everyone. the more people you reach doesn’t mean more business. It just means more money spent. It’s about where does your product or service fit into that matters.

You are essentially looking at a few core concepts! One reaching the right audience. People who need your product or business to fulfill their needs. You do not want to sell something to someone who doesn’t need it or whose business isn’t changed by your service or product. Secondly, you have to know what your product or service solves. What pains does your audience have which you can solve! Lastly for this article what is the best way to increase your conversion rate.

Thinking of these things in the above order you will also notice that first, you think of your audience you are selling what you believe in and you have your value proposition in place. lastly, you think of how your advertising is serving you. After all to provide the best service or product you have to be in business. The more you can target to your audiences needs the better your marketing dollars are spent.

How do you now go about finding your audience, Well It is no easy feat as your audience on Linked-in, may be different than your audience on Facebook and Twitter. You might have a strange following on Instagram and different on Snapchat. You get the point However you break it down into segments as you will also have quite a few different segmentations left to do! You don’t have all that data yet? No problem.

What problems does your business solve, who has these problems?

What is your selling? What is your end result and who needs that?

Who are your current customers?

Who is your competition, and who is their customers?

What is the advantage that you offer your customer to use your product or service?

If you have answered those questions you can be sure that you would have a bigger picture of what your customer looks like. then begins the actual work. you know roughly who your customer is. Now to test your hypothesis. Find these people on linked in Facebook and connect test some of your content on them and see what the results are? Building a network around friends and test your content ask your friends what they like what they would like.

Ask your customers what they like and would like more of as you build your audience you will begin to gain more and better understanding of who your target audience is and you would just continue to update your personas.

Tomorrow I will share with you some ideas and thoughts around questions to get your persona set up finding the perfect niche for your products keep checking in on me and lets perfect that target audience together.