Save your brand

It’s 2017, the marketer sits in his little office and goes through his ad schedule, the ads are all ready and the budget is approved. It’s flighting time, the most exhilarating yet slightly stressful time in the life of anyone running adverts. It shouldn’t be. Save your brand.

Apart from all the general worries that go with running campaigns and adverts all over the globe, there is one, you should avoid at all cost.

Advertising has changed so much from spending 20-30K on magazine adverts and having no feedback whatsoever. To being able to pinpoint who where when and with what interest. Why are so many brands getting it wrong? Always save your brand.

Every day I see it, the adverts that are totally misdirected and misguided into my news feeds, search items and in-between my photos on whatever social platform I deem to use. These adverts some distasteful others totally wasted on me has a potentiality, the potentiality of being in the way. Most of them are.

You know it is no one has time to look at irrelevant advertising. You are at work and you are trying to quickly catch up with the world you don’t want your screen taken over, you want to know what the latest news is an ad in front of it is just going to be in the way! Yes, that is how I see it that is how most of the world see it! So, ask yourself where and how are you doing advertising. Yes, some numbers do make better click throughs and some build bigger audiences there are so many things we can consider but at the end of the day, it’s all about value and knowledge.

So how can add placement and content and obviously perceived value harm your brand, well think about it that e-mail you keep getting every day that you signed up for some time ago which has become totally irrelevant to you, how do you feel about the brand are they serving you or do you know even by association that whatever they deliver is going to be crap and you are just going to delete it anyway!

You know who they are they’ve scarred themselves! We have so little time that most people would rather delete an unwanted email before unsubscribing merely for the fact that it is quicker to delete it than it is to go through the motion of unsubscribing. That’s how busy the world has become cut through the clutter bring your audience value and you will end up on top, don’t and you’ll be judged badly! Your punishment for not paying attention will be a reduction in sales!

What is the remedy you ask? It’s straight forward, If you know what your intended receiver of advertising persona is interested in, and you have an effective noninvasive way of adding value to their life you might be doing yourself a favor. No, you cannot hide in the corner either you must be out in the open. The more you serve your customer the better they will serve you either with; Social word of mouth, engagement or by merely increasing your follower base. I think that that is way more important than reaching everyone in a certain network some not even remotely interested.

Don’t harm your brand Save it from a slow demise offer the best you must give, and then make sure you provide massive value to your customer’s life and he will continue to give you his hard-earned dollars. Please share your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions I look forward to hearing from you?

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Copyright: Daniil Peshkov / 123RF Stock Photo