I get lots of queries about my thoughts on the whole brand personality in the digital marketing divide, what is the next big thing, questions like where do brands fit in, how do we as a business make this or do that. I must admit I am a bit of a scholarly addict when it comes to brand design, social media, and digital marketing I am totally taken in by the new paradigm. The movement that is, I love the process.

I am also however firmly glued to reality and have to share my views on what I believe has been taking over branding and brand building for quite some time and for the most part a lot of internet and web users have missed. So what is this exciting revelation, it’s actually a very old tried and tested marketing notion that has been around since brands started. However, set fire to its stable and give it the magic juice! In its newest form, it is probably at its highest point. Expressed to the max thanks to the ever-evolving wonder of the internet and the power of connections.

For far too long have we been stuck with the old advertising adage about the brand being liked or followed because it’s a brand, and it stands for “Super Cool Technical Words” That still holds true for perhaps 20-30% of your following; the hard heads the believers, yes they do exists, and trust me they are awesome! (You’re Awesome!!). In this day and age, there is a new brand that stands out tall above the rest. It gobbles up followers like a vacuum machine handing dust in the desert.

What is this supernatural social media monster that has spread the inter(net)verse and taken hold of our screens and our attention so well? Well as you know it’s not for everyone nor is all brands for everyone and thus we have the value proposition and all the target market metrics, but that aside for now, what we as human beings love the most is to follow that which we wish to be it’s the personality that we follow the cool, the hip, the successful, It’s why we dress the way we dress it’s the way we express ourselves through words and phrases it’s what we associate ourselves with. It’s what we agree with, what we aspire to be, and where we’re going. All mangled into one. Your Brand personality, or you as an ambassador for the brand personality is at play here

So look at some of the most famous upcoming brands and look at some old brands, it’s no longer just the brand, it’s not even so much what the brand sells anymore, and more all about who that brand is! It’s the age of the living brand, the brand persona that has come to life in its CEO’s or staff members, yes it’s tough to think of Coke Cola and Apple as personalities but isn’t there just something amazing about the people we follow as if in using their product allows us to actually attain some of their characteristics, What keeps us engaged at the latest YouTube channels, it’s the personalities what value they bring to our lives how they change us and what we become by being affiliated with them.

Now that leaves us with one question who is your brand! And why has your brand’s personality not come to light yet? I believe that the brand personality as the driver behind the brand will begin to matter more and more as time moves forward. We don’t like buying from ominous cold-looking logos we want people, we want heroes we want brand personalities that not only entertain us but also make us believe again. So the onus is on us to make the brands of the future as colorful as the people behind them. . .

Now change your perception and build your brand, by embracing yourself as the brand personality!

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