[fusion_text]I truly believe that we would all like to do more business; sell more products and generally have more time to spend our new found sales revenue on. Now that is all easier thought of than done, however getting back to that elusive task of selling, I decided to pen some ideas you can look into: what will make you sell better! I have put together a list of five things you can consider to improve your selling on a regular basis. By no means are these the only ideas, nor is it the sales guru’s bible it is just what I have experienced and if you think of any more share it with us and let’s grow together in sales…see our 5 sales tips.

Believe in what you sell

Belief is the most important aspect of any successful sales pitch. If you don’t believe that your product is the best solution to your buyer’s problem then how will you convince your customer that they actually need all your amazing features? You can, with belief explain the reason why it is more expensive than an alternative brand. If you doubt in a certain products ability to solve the customers’ needs then you will have a harder time selling it. Believe it!

Take responsibility

You are responsible to your customer and to yourself to make sure that you follow up. You are responsible for making sure you keep yourself informed on the latest trends and product updates. You are responsible for handling all queries and questions. You are responsible for closing the deal. Give your customer the support you would expect (Perhaps even more). Take charge, go the extra mile be honest open and your Name will become “Sales” legendary, and your revenue will be more so!

Maximize your time

When you are en-route to being the best there is, it is so easy to get bogged down in fruitless activities not getting you the sale and not allowing you to get closer to your goals. Test every activity and the actual time it takes to complete the activity. Set up a schedule that works best for you, stick to it. Remember an hour a day used more productively each day adds up to almost six weeks of productive hours in a year.

Attitude is almost everything

As the late Zig Ziglar used to say “Your attitude determines your altitude”. It is one of the few things that you can control. You can manage your commitment, enthusiasm, persistence resilience and confidence. Be aware of your attitude especially working with clients, we as humans have the acute ability to pick up on others’ attitudes and it can ultimately make or break your sale, The right attitude may not make selling easier, but it will definitely make selling more fun and worth your while.

Improve the fundamentals

No matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement. Decide today that you are going to do whatever it takes to improve yourself. Set goals for yourself to do the things you are scared of and might dislike, go out, get trained, read more books, improve your people skills. Look at what the competition is doing or follow an online sales guru. If you become 1% better each day in your fundamentals you will have had an improvement of at least 365% every year!

One small extra!
Know who you are selling to, where to find him/her then offer them the best service at the most affordable pricing whilst ensuring you add the most value and continue to deliver the best!

Always remember that your biggest asset is you, and the better you are the better your results will be. We are all living in this fast-paced world and have constant interruptions which make it very hard for us to focus completely on one task so it is hard to take massive strides and implement huge changes in our lives. However, if we can incrementally improve just a little each day we can ultimately improve our ability to sell better. I hope that this article was of use and that you got some value out of it. Thank you.[/fusion_text]