Working in a couple of corporate institutions and dealing with loads of corporate work; social work; private work and contract work. I have come to a few conclusion about business or good employee strategies. I would like to give you my take on some of the more influential soft skills or notions I believe leads to business success. In no way am I saying that this is the ultimate formula for business success but if you pay attention to these six points it will definitely improve your business! I know from experience that we are indeed not perfect but if we focus on mastering these skills and leave some room for improvement we will get to the top. So love what you do, and master these six skills or notions and your company or role in the company will stand out above the rest.

In any business no matter what you do either when you are dealing with management, colleagues, customers, end users or staff members each and every relationship matters. It is completely up to you to nurture them and pay attention to those around you. Yes and those you deal with. You have to give everything with every relationship, build your network, be open in your business and then you will get something back. As the business gurus say what you put in is what you get out so put in everything especially in our relationships around you.

Not only must you respect all those around you but also yourself, you will not always get what you give, but you must always give your best every moment every interaction always be the best you can be. Respect your fellow human’s point of view, listen to understand and do your best to give them the best solution tailored to their specific needs. Always stay professional and respectful it will serve you well. Always be kind and always be friendly, there is a lot of things that can happen which you can’t control but your smile and your kindness are always with you.

I believe that this is probably one of the most overlooked business differentiators in the small to medium business sector. Business today is about your reputation and the management of your reputation. Not just the name of your business but your own personal brand as well, the promises you keep or not the days you deliver or not the relationships you forge. All of these play a massive role in the amount of success or lack thereof. Always under promise (yet still have the best offer) and over deliver. Remember people forgive mistakes if asking forgiveness, but people will easily remember a cheat and a shady business entity.

I would go so far as to say it is one of the essential reasons for us being in business or working. No matter what end of the scale you are Cash is the essential element in all business so make sure that you make all financial decisions quickly and honestly. In whatsoever service or product you provide show value. Make sure you billing on time all the time. Always pay your invoices before you pay yourself! Financial issues can cause loads of unwanted stress so dutifully make sure you’re always on top of it.

Be authentic:
Be yourself your true self, don’t be fake, people see through it, when someone is doing business with you, it probably is because of you as a person people do business with people they trust and people they like. Be honest how many suppliers do you continue to work with if you don’t like or trust them? Your business and service are essentially you, then your services and products! Yes, you are a big part of the equation. So be natural and be comfortable with who you are and you will see your business will flourish.

Thank you for spending the time in reading and sharing my thoughts and ideas, please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the subject below.